Dream Time Believers

Dream Time Believers has a vision of Life Centric Co-creation, where the organisation will work all nominated foundations and leverage their strengths to build a better earth to our life’s treasures.

Aside from helping to raise funds and awareness for the above 3 charities Dream time believers has a 10-year vision of creating and partnering with people, charities, businesses and government in the following areas

Grant into study on John Bradfield Scheme to help release water to the environment from northern Australia to Lake Eyre in South Australia. The intent would not only help protect the Great Barrier Reef by diverting excess water across the middle of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef but ensure we create and reinvigorate arid areas of Australia as well as existing drought-affected area.

Sustainable Business IT HUB in the Centre of Australia crossing all three states.

Education programme to help deal with and understand signs of sexual abuse and grooming behaviour.

Implement the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for more Australian companies

Of a network to work with law enforcement organisation protect from human trafficking

Better tools to support correctional services staff empower incarcerated individuals, ensuring they return to a fulfilled life, with a particular focus on leveraging the success of the Tony Robbins tools that have been leveraged in the USA.

Unify Cyprus