Tiny Miracles together with The Grace Centre

Tiny Miracles together with The Grace Centre for New Born Care at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead ( Australasian NIDCAP Train Centre)

NIDCAP was developed in 1984 by Heidelise Als, PhD (Harvard, Boston USA), and is the only comprehensive, family centred, evidence-based approach to newborn developmental care.

NIDCAP focuses on adapting the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) to the unique neurodevelopmental strengths and goals of each newborn cared for in this setting. These adaptations encompass the physical environment and its components, as well as the care and treatment provided for the infant and their family.

There is increasing evidence that early life stress is harmful to the developing central nervous system and brain. As an infant’s brain is growing faster than at any other time in life, their brain can be impacted by stress and environmental exposure in the NICU with immediate and longer term consequences. By understanding that every caregiving experience matters, NIDCAP training can help professionals to create a hospital experience that is less stressful and more supportive for the infant and family.

Support from Dream Time Believers will be directed

FINE training program goes on the road so we can access staff who are unable to attend the programs we offer in Sydney

Provision of one external training  program (FINE Level 1)  at $20, 000 for 40 participants (over a five year period) in each state (and ideally one program in New Zealand) is $160 000

Run the program in all 7 Australian states and at least once in New Zealand
over the next 7-8 years with reduced

Support an Indigenous Health Care Professional Scholarships where we pay for
Participants to complete FINE Level 1 and FINE Level 2.

Care resources, education and administrative funding

  1. Advanced provision of external training (FINE Level 2) at $1500 for 5 participants annually (over a five year period) linked to the training provide dabove $37, 500 (this is a rough estimate)
  2. 1 x Online eLearning module that can be utilised nationally and internationally – costing $40, 000. I had a meeting last week where we discussed establishingan eLearning Module, so this discussion is well timed and we already have some content we can work on and a unit based eLearning platform where we can deliver the program.